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The Best of Intentions
"Tell me what's on your mind."
My god, was that opening an awfully heavy can of worms.  I had been lying face down on the bed for the longest time.  Too long, I turned to face her.   Brown eyes were instantly fixed on mine, waiting.
"If I tell you everything that's on my mind, you'll go running for the hills."  It was the truth.  My mind was overflowing with, literally, every worry, fear, and overall nuisance of a thought, I had created in the past three months.  The days had grown shorter, the nights colder, and it was just about time for her to leave.  I was a wreck.
"You know that's not true."  She propped up her cheek with his elbow and waited.  "Come on."  She ran a tiny hand through my hair, and I eased up, just a little.
"No."  I had to be the one to be sure.  I had to be confident in this.  
She didn't say anything.  The only sound was
:iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 0 0
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Out of Order :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 1 6
In Honor... 2 :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 0 0 In Honor... :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 0 0 Mikey In Wonderland :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 0 0 Hello Again... :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 1 1
Perhaps I'm still a little broken from everything that happened.  Maybe I was finally able to delete the last of the cute, heart-melting messages, voice-mails, texts, and throw away the notes we would always write back and forth during class, but I still long to talk to you sometimes.   Its probable that I won't get the nauseating butterflies that always plagued me when I even thought about kissing you.  Maybe I'm not even angry anymore.  Perhaps I just feel nothing.
So I might start to think; maybe we can be friends again.  Is is possible to take back all the kisses?  The late night phone calls?  Even that time that you said you didn't want me anymore?  Can we maybe start over?
I have my doubts, but we'll probably try anyway.  Maybe it will be awkward at first.  We most likely won't remember how to be just friends.  But as time goes on, we'll eventually figure it out.
:iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 0 1
Lazy Day :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 1 2 Mating Calls :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 2 0 You are heart in the waves... :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 2 7 I'm Trouble :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 1 0
I've Been Having This Dream
I've been having this dream lately.
I'm on the beach; the sun has just set.  The remaining orange rays coming from the horizon slowly fade to the deep, dark, blue of the night sky.
I'm standing there, watching the colors disappear from the sky.  I'm wearing a stunning red dress, my hair is longer than its been in years, pinned up with a black flower on the top of my head.  I'm wearing makeup, which doesn't happen all too often.  I look beautiful, which I feel happens even less.
I'm standing in some sort of a trench dug into the sand, when I suddenly realize I'm not alone.  Someone, their face is too shadowed for me to tell who, approaches me, and asks me to dance.  It never occurs to me that this is weird, completely random, and even a bit unsafe.  I accept.  
He tries to teach me to tango.  I try to teach him to salsa.  It's fun, and romantic, and in all honesty, I'm happy.  T
:iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 1 4
A Rose By Any Other Name.... :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 0 0 More Icicles :iconqueenofhearts1216:QueenofHearts1216 2 0


Down for the Count :iconpoopbear:poopbear 15,815 3,862
goldaline, my dear
I am one of those dolls that little girls get for their birthdays.
They love this doll.  It's their favourite.  They take it everywhere, sleep with it at night.  Then, they get a new doll, and they put the old one on a shelf, and they forget about it.  Every once in a while, they'll want something else that they've put on the same shelf, and they'll happen to take me down for a few minutes, or maybe a few days.  I'll hear them say that they've missed me; after all, I used to be their favourite.
But then they'll put me back on the shelf from which I will watch them play with their new toys, silently, because I can't talk.  Because I'm a doll, and I'm missing a tongue and vocal cords.  I will never say a word, never moving for a lack of a cerebral cortex and free will.  Because I'm a doll.
I'll gather dust in hair that used to be brushed every day and in my unflinching eyelashes, and I'll smile with my inject
:iconersatzinspiration:ErsatzInspiration 1 2
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United States
"I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?"
-John Lennon

Current Residence: Good Ol' Rhode Island
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, but really anything that catches my attention in a good way.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Skin of choice: The one I'm in
Favourite cartoon character: Harley Quinn (Batman)
I will stop neglecting you startingggg... Now.  I'm going to take my free time and write my little heart out. Let's see if I can come up with anything good.

Love always,
  • Listening to: A soccer game on TV
  • Reading: about HIV in the Dominican Republic
  • Playing: stupid stupid mind games.


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